Disappointed With Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick



This is an open letter to Ann Kirkpatrick. I was disappointed that you voted for the House version of health care reform.It should be clear that Americans do not want health care reform that does little to address the flaws of our current system and only increases government bureaucracy.

It is my expectation that Pelosi’s and Reid’s final legislation, if passed, will increase taxes for the majority of Americans, while at the same time place an additional burden on employers. Any employer burden will likely be passed along to consumers. In some cases the burden may force more jobs overseas.

On top of tax increases, higher prices for consumer products and more job losses, Americans can also expect reduced access to medical services as doctors are overwhelmed by millions of new patients taking advantage of “free” services under expanded government entitlement programs.

Please put the wishes of your constituents ahead of those of Speaker Pelosi and vote against health care reform.

John Baker


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