Driving While Talking On Cell Phone Becoming Dangerous Habit



I am angry and I am concerned.

My husband was in town, Monday, Jan. 4, at about 4 p.m. He was driving the speed limit of 25 miles per hour, on Bonita Street. Across the street, at the a stop sign, a man in the truck stopped, then went right out into the street. He was on his cell phone, and did not see my husband’s truck, nor did he see the third truck at that intersection.

My husband had to come to a screeching stop. You, Mr. Cell Phone User, glanced up, and then proceeded on as if it was nothing — still on your cell phone. Do we have to wait until this “common habit” becomes a “hazard”?

Mr. Cell Phone User — I ask you personally — do you have to be involved in a terrible accident and possibly kill someone before you give up this “habit,” or will you be able to conduct your business or just visiting with someone before you change your “habit” to a correct procedure?

I can see that cell phones are attached to at least half of the people’s heads out in public. I ask our citizens and our police officers to do something about this before we have to read about someone in the obituaries. Mr. Cell Phone User will you be the guilty one?

Amy Vickers


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