We Don’T Need More Taxes



The gentleman that wrote that we need to tax more is just what is wrong with the Democrats and their way of thinking.

He wants to tax cell phones and not land lines. It’s obvious that he does not own one and has no friends to text. Texting is fast, easy, and does not tie up your phone. I bet more people, if they had to choose, would pick their cell phone over their land line hands down. I believe most people in Arizona would disagree with the writer.

Most people do not sit at home on the couch and watch analog TV. They go out to football, baseball and hockey games. They go out into the economy and spend their money on movies and rent DVDs. Are these necessities in life? Of course not. But are we to the point where we can’t enjoy these things and still not raise taxes?


The writer thinks that the government should place higher taxes on snacks and soft drinks. Why not include some of his favorites like, oatmeal, tea, coffee, granola, and batteries? Maybe then he might feel he pays enough in taxes.

This all comes down to our federal, state and local governments’ cutting taxes, cutting spending, and creating new jobs in America.

Let’s stop worrying about the rest of the world and sending our good jobs overseas. It is time for our government to take care of America first and then we will worry about the rest when we are back on track.

Remember that you have a voice and we can make a difference.

Randy (Randall) Wilcox


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