If You Want To Keep Control In Payson, Vote Yes On Home Rule


Property values are affected by a variety of factors. One of the primary factors of valuation is location.

Identical homes built 50 miles apart may have vast disparities in value. For example, imagine the price difference of identical homes located in Buckeye vs. Scottsdale.

Other factors considered in valuation are upkeep, age, aesthetic appeal and landscaping. But let’s get back to location.

The owner can do little to personally improve the location unless the community as a whole improves their image and economic vitality.

In March, Payson homeowners will have an opportunity to sustain direct control over their town and its future.

A ballot proposition in March will be to vote on Home Rule. This issue appears on the ballot every four years as a result of an Arizona Constitutional Amendment passed more than 30 years ago. It allows towns to control their own destiny without interference from state bureaucrats.

One can only imagine what they would do if they got their hands on Payson’s or any other town’s purse strings. The state Legislature has already tried to pry money from schools and local governments.

Putting a yes vote on Home Rule in March assures that the Town of Payson controls its own destiny. Local elected officials, who have kept Payson’s financial picture in the black even during these tough economic times, will handle our budgets and oversight. This issue passed by a large majority of voters in past elections.

It must be made clear that in the event this proposition is turned down, your taxes will not be lowered, but most likely your town services will be reduced.

Under the state-imposed formula, a town’s excess revenue cannot be spent for any purpose. The town cannot use it for streets, parks, police protection or any other need that may arise.

We have already seen deterioration in home prices due to the economy.

The effect of the Legislature having control over our town may further hurt our economy and homebuyers may have second thoughts about buying your home in a town that is controlled by the state government.

If the value of your property is important to you, vote “YES” in March for Home Rule.

Ray Pugel is a designated broker with Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty. Contact him at (928) 474-2216.


frederick franz 7 years ago

Ray Pugel's article on Roundup's front page, fails to explain that Home Rule, if retained, would put a cap on town spending.
That seems to be just what this town needs to control excessive spending. Town spending is not free.... it will cost you in some way. Vote to control town spending.


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