Thinking Too Much



Everyone at one time or another has asked themselves this question — What was I thinking? Now, if you have been asking yourself this question, or are thinking about asking, consider this: If you are thinking about what you were thinking about when you were thinking, what was I thinking, maybe you just weren’t thinking.

Now if you weren’t thinking maybe you were just not being very thoughtful. If that is the case, maybe you just thought that it wasn’t worth thinking about, or you just have a bad memory.

If you can’t remember what you were thinking, maybe you should just forget about it and think about something else. The point is this: If you really think about what you are thinking about, maybe you won’t have to ask yourself, what was I thinking?

Sometimes I think that we think too much about what we were thinking, and not enough about what we are thinking. Do you think that this is something that we should all think about more often? Just a thought.

Jim French


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