Hydrogeologist To Present Recommendations To Water Board


Hydrogeologist Mike Ploughe expects to present to the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District Board his recommendations concerning which of the dried up wells near the two tiny communities can be resurrected to again produce water in the near future.

Regenerating old wells by drilling them deeper, as much as 600 to 800 feet, is one of three of the board’s strategy to acquire more water sources by the end of spring.

“There is some opportunities out there, but part of it depends on location and infrastructure of the wells,” Ploughe said. “We do want to get rolling on this.”

Ploughe, the owner of Highland Water Resources and a central figure in the drilling of two successful deep wells in the area, said it’s a good possibility the now dry wells were not originally deep enough, some less than 300 feet, and with further drilling could again produce.

Ploughe and PSWID president Bill Haney cautioned, however, that the rejuvenated wells would not produce large volumes of water, possibly only 5 to 25 gallons per minute.

The possibility of pumping much larger volumes — maybe 100 to 200 gallons per minute — lies in the board’s second strategy to acquire new water sources. That strategy centers on possibly acquiring two 1,000-foot-plus wells — Strawberry Hollow and Milk Ranch Point.

Loren Peterson owns the Strawberry Hollow Well and Ray Pugel and Robert Randall own the Milk Ranch Well.

Representatives of the PSWID board are currently evaluating and appraising the wells for an impending purchase.

The board’s third strategy to acquire more water is for the board to drill a deep well of its own, possibly in the Pine Creek area.

“Generally, between Cedar Meadow and the LDS camp,” Haney said.


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