Getting Closer To Story Of See Canyon


Hello again fellow Creekers.

Wow! What a lot of snow! Mother nature is really letting us have it and it sure does look amazing!

Well I found someone who seems to know the true story about See Canyon. Her name is Sally Mystrom. This is what she wrote me in an e-mail not long ago:

“I have the true story on See Canyon, if you want it. It is quite interesting with the murder there, etc. I got most of this information from Marguerite Noble (Buchanan) who was the researcher in the area. My great Aunt and Uncle Bob and Mary Kiser owned the ranch during the ’30s and ’40s and I heard many stories, but at that time I had no way to find out what was true and what was not! They sold the ranch to their friends Howard and Ruth Mary Walker, whose family still owns the ranch I believe. Not only was Marguerite a super researcher, she was one of my grade school teachers and until she passed away a few years back, I knew I could always go to her and get the real scoop.”

Since this e-mail, Sally and I have spoken and she is going to get me the full story in the next week or two. So, I guess this is kind of a teaser, but I promise I’ll get the information to you in the next article or two.

I have also heard that Rod Britain may have some information on the story of See Canyon. Rod has been a wealth of information here lately and I’ll be interested to hear his take on the See Canyon story as well.

Also, I heard from the head of the new TWIG organization Rev. Larry Fultz. TWIG (Tonto Watershed Improvement Group) is a volunteer, community-based organization that is interested in training, educating and assisting in cleaning up the impaired streams in our Upper Tonto Creek watershed. We are presently preparing an educational grant to send to ADEQ for start-up funding for our nonprofit status, along with funding for training and educating the stakeholders in the area.

Funding for the grant will take place in June, however, through the kindness of a business owner in our watershed, we have been granted $500 to proceed with start-up details. Anyone interested in becoming a part of TWIG can call Susan Keown at (928) 478-4221 in Christopher Creek or Larry at (480) 595-6741.

As always, I do need your help with content and stories! For anyone wanting to submit information from the Christopher Creek area for inclusion in our weekly article, please e-mail me at: Any submitted pictures must be full-size (typically around 1MB per picture). The cutoff time for inclusion in Friday’s article is close of business on Monday.

Thanks again for reading the column.


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