Passing Override Is Important



Passing the Payson Schools’ override is not only important to the future of our children’s education, it is vital to the financial stability of our town. We have already seen the budget cuts our town is making to balance the town budget. Imagine the impact the loss of 30-plus families to our community will have.

Without the override, the school district will face a $1.2 million deficit (and that amount could increase with recent legislative actions).

The school board will have no choice but to layoff as many as 30 teachers in order to balance the budget.

If we look at the long term effects these layoffs will have, let’s think about it in real dollars and services to all citizens in the Payson area. It will mean 30 less families shopping in Payson stores or eating in Payson restaurants.

It will also mean 30 less families who will need medical and dental care.

The domino effect will begin and could include having more homes put on the market as teachers move to find work. These homes could cause a drop in housing prices as the market becomes flooded.

In addition, there could be more layoffs in other industries as fewer employees are needed to service customers. It will mean fewer sales tax revenues for the town, meaning more furloughs and deeper cuts in town services including fire, police and medical services.

In short, it will mean everyone, most of all our children, will suffer.

It is vital that the Payson Unified School District override pass. When you receive your mail-in ballot on Feb. 11, remember you are not only voting to keep our schools strong, you are voting to support our whole community.

Vote YES and do not forget to mail in your vote for the PUSD override!

Kristi Kisler


frederick franz 6 years, 12 months ago

We must keep a limit on the continuing increase in school spending. Passing the school tax override will limit schools over-spending. The schools have been getting along fine with the limit as it is now. With continued good management, the school budget as it is now, will do just fine. Vote "NO" on the tax override! -Fred


frederick franz 6 years, 12 months ago

Let's be real. When I came to Payson in 1990, the town budget was $10 million. Excessive spending has increased the town budget to $57 million. Even figuring inflation and population growth, this sounds superfluous. The argument that the increased spending will not increase taxes is ingenuous. The money would be raised by bonding or some other means. Let's keep our town budget under control by voting “YES” on home rule. -Fred


Kyle Frewin 2 years, 3 months ago

Payson Schools are once again asking for more money through an extension of an override. Why would anyone ever vote in favor of another override for Payson Schools after witnessing time after time PUSD's wasteful and shameless use of tax payer's dollars? PHS, which was once rated as an "A" school by the AZ Dept of Ed., has dropped to a "C". While rated as an "A" school, Brenda Case was hired (at $88,000 a year) as Director of Student Achievement. Anna VanZile was not rehired as principal, but paid a principal's salary as an Achievement Coordinator to coach teachers. (to coach teachers?) Another $150,000+/- only to have scores drop and the PHS rating drop. In addition a new position of Assistant Principal was added. At the same time veteran teachers were forced to leave or "riffed" because of their "high salary" (Ha...less than half that of the administrators). So the philosophy was, get rid of veteran teachers, hire more administrators and watch the scores soar. Result...dropped from and "A" to a "C" and teachers are struggling with large classes and no support. Once again, PUSD wants us, the tax payers, to vote for an override? In previous overrides and bonds the funds have not always gone to the designated areas. Until PUSD can manage money more wisely, vote "NO" on the override or else be prepared to watch how they waste the money this time?


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