Vote Yes On School Override



I would like to commend the leadership of PUSD for asking a rather senior, retired chemistry teacher to teach this school year at Payson High School.

The vacancy was created by the tragic loss the much-loved teacher, Cindy Pool. I am very pleased to be able to serve as that teacher. This year marks 47 years since I first entered a classroom to teach full time. In that time I have seen a few schools and numerous changes in attitudes of students, teachers and administrative styles.

Thirty-three of my years were spent at a top 100 high school in southern California.

The issue that ranked Fountain Valley High School (Fountain Valley, Calif.) so highly was in large part a very strong Advanced Placement program. On a proportionate basis, PHS has an equally strong program. One cannot help but be impressed by the overall PHS experience.

This community does a wonderful job of raising their young people to prepare them for high school. The students are for the most part well-behaved and respectful, the faculty works well as a team and the administrative and support staff do much to make the job of a high school teacher a pleasant experience.

The schools are open for the public to observe first-hand. I would encourage anyone to make an appointment to see for himself what fine schools we have. It would be a shame to lose any of the excellence we presently have. For that reason, I would encourage a positive vote on the coming tax override. The cost to an average homeowner is less than two dollars per month. The loss of opportunity for our young people is incalculable.

In all likelihood, if this override fails, our best and brightest scholars would have fewer opportunities to take the advanced placement courses. Athletes, art and music students would have fewer options and all students would have far less support from the caring staff since the class sizes would have to be significantly increased.

Our Payson schools are outstanding places of learning. We must not lose any of our present excellence.

Thank you for your consideration.

Robert M. Rolle


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