America Is Not Pleased



In response to Scott Brown’s decisive victory in the Massachusetts special election White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated that the president was “not pleased.” I hope that President Obama understands that the votes cast in typically left-leaning Massachusetts reflect the feelings of most Americans. We are “not pleased.”

We are “not pleased” with President Obama’s progressive agenda and arrogance. We are “not pleased” that he has failed to deliver on promises for transparency and a new era of bipartisan cooperation. We are “not pleased” that Senate votes are being bought to advance Health Insurance Reform that the American people do not support. We are “not pleased” that President Obama has supported reckless federal spending and increased the deficit. We are “not pleased” with the administration’s weak stance on national defense and terrorism.

It is time for President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to realize that their job is not to do what they “please,” but instead to represent the will of the American people and to take action that is best for the United States of America.

We are “not pleased” with President Obama’s extension of the status quo in Washington. Gas up the truck!

John Baker


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