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Mimi Dailey

Name: Mimi Dailey

School and subjects taught: Developmental 1st

College degree and major: Early Childhood Education Bachelor, University of Arizona

Years teaching: 25

Why do you teach? I teach because I am surrounded daily with wonderful people, my students, my students’ parents, my principal, and my co-workers. I always say if I have a bad day it is my own fault; children are beautiful people.

Personal motto/words of wisdom: Mother Theresa said, “We cannot do great things while on this earth, only small things with great love.”

Family: My husband Dave and I just had our 20th anniversary and I have twins Davis and Macy who are freshmen this year at PHS.

Pet peeve: The style with pants worn past your rump and your underwear is showing. It’s just gross.

Favorite hobby or leisure activity: Horseback riding with my daughter. Water skiing and camping with my family. Also, I love to shoot big guns! I’m not a hunter, but it is fun to shoot.

Person in history you’d most like to meet and why: I would like to meet George Bush, he is very intelligent, stands behind his word, drives a Chevy truck, drinks Diet Coke and has black black Scotty dogs, Miss Beasly and Barney. I have a paw print signed photo of Barney at the White House.

Why Payson? Butch and Robin Langliers got me a job interview at Julia Randall and I was offered a job. After one year here I knew this was home for me.

In school, who was your favorite teacher and why? Sister Amy, She was my kindergarten teacher and I loved the way she smelled, like flowers. She always held my hand. Now I look back and I think, “Was Sister Amy allowed to wear perfume?”

What was your favorite subject in school and why? Of course recess, isn’t everybody’s?

What was your favorite year in school and why? My four years at the University of Arizona. I was in a sorority, Delta Gamma, and the sisterhood was strong and inspirational to me in those very influential years.


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