Creekers: We’Re All In This Together


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

Although, I grew up in Rim Country and almost moved to Payson as a kid, I did most of my growing up in Pinetop-Lakeside (more specifically Wagon Wheel). I’ve been in the Christopher Creek area now for about two years and have had the pleasure of meeting a whole lot of you already. As you can imagine, during that time I’ve run across a whole lot of characters (myself included) and while we may not all be exactly the same, we do all have the same goal of keeping and improving Christopher Creek as one of the best places in the great outdoors. I would like to use that commonality as the subject of this article.

I know there are some that would prefer the good ol’ times of the Landmark party days, while others would like to keep things as quiet as possible. Some people would prefer to have hardly any further inhabitants (unless they know ’em — right), while others would like to build up infrastructure as far as the eye can see. Being a realist, I think I put myself somewhere in the middle. I, personally, for a number of reasons, would not want to have the Hilton build a gigantic hotel, but at the same time, it sure would be nice to have a gas station in town again.

Bottom line is: we’re all in this together. I know without the Creekside Restaurant and Tall Pines Market it would be tougher for us to get customers. And without the Christopher Creek Lodge’s accommodations, Creekside and Tall Pines would both suffer tremendously. In fact, it is quite probable that without the business from the summer visitors, both Creekside and Tall Pines would simply not be able to survive. Personally, I like being able to go buy some propane and go get a hot meal once in awhile. The ERA Realty office this year dumped in over $30,000 in back taxes from bank-owned sales that went back into the county coffers. If you do the math, between the few businesses that we do have, they likely generated more than $250,000 in tax revenue for Gila County and Christopher Creek. That money is part of what goes toward plowing, signage, weather alerts, emergency services and all kinds of resources vital to the community. Of course, if it weren’t for all of the local folks, there’d be no chance of the businesses even trying to make it during the slower times. Plus, this community has some of the most amazing examples of volunteerism and being neighborly that I have seen. Continuing to pull together is what makes this place as my mother puts it, “Shangri-La.”

Anyway, I have wanted to write an article to appeal to our commonality and better side for a long time. Of course, it is impossible that everyone will always get along with everyone, but as long as we at least have something we share, “the creek,” then we’ve all got a stake and something positive to build on. Working together is in everyone’s own best interest. As far as I know, it is that very sentiment that has made Christopher Creek what it is today.

Have you considered joining the Firebelles, the CCHOA, the CCVA or just getting to know your neighbors better? Let’s make 2010 a great year for everybody!

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Thanks again for reading the column.


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