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Well, the first big storm of 2010 has come and gone. And to the amazement of us all, our little old shelter held up. We had buckets under many leaks and some things had to be lifted up to get them out of the water running under the door.

Thanks to Jason and Garret for coming over and shoveling snow off the roof of the dog barn. After the wind damage, we were worried about the weight of the wet snow.

We need to give a special thanks to Ed, our dog yard volunteer. He showed up in the pouring rain in his big, yellow suit to let the dogs, who aren’t nearly as bothered by rain as we are, have their time outside to play. Thanks also to the dedicated staff who never hardly complained, but just kept on working to keep the animals safe and warm.

And, yes, we were there ready and waiting for the 13 animals who were evacuated from their homes because of the rising waters of Tonto Creek. Ten of them are still with us now as Humanitarian Holds since their homes were damaged by the flood, and they can’t go home until repairs are made. Where would they be if we weren’t here?

Oddly enough, we were able to get some real good laughs as we watched some of our dogs enjoy the snow. It is amazing how it seems to energize and thrill some of them. Our boy Coy just couldn’t get enough of it. He tunneled and rolled and scooted across it on his belly. The absolute joy on his face was contagious. You just couldn’t help but share in his happiness in the moment. We hope he soon finds a home where he will be allowed to run and play and enjoy all that life can give.

But in the meantime, we will be there giving Coy and all the others a warm, safe place and all the love we can. If you would like to be part of this wonderful experience, or meet any of our wonderful animals, please call — our phone number is (928) 474-5590 — or just stop by at 812 S. McLane Road.


Whisper is a 4-month-old, gray longhaired female with bright, yellow eyes. Whisper is named for her quiet nature and the wispy tufts coming out her ears. She is a real cuddle bug who likes to curl up on your lap or your chest and purr. She has a soft purr/meow like “hmmmm” when she plays. She is spayed, current on her vaccinations and has passed her health tests. She gets along with other cats and children very well and will do great in a family, or single household.


Andrew is an adorable 4-month-old, beige-colored male. He was brought in as a stray with his two sisters on Oct. 16, 2009. He has passed his health tests, is neutered and up to date on his shots. He is outgoing and playful and eager to go home. He gets along with cats, children and dogs very well. This sweet boy’s motor gets going when you hold him and love on him.


Sylvia is a 4-month-old, tuxedo-colored, spayed female. She and her two siblings were brought in Oct. 5, 2009 when they were just tiny babies. They spent a few months in a foster home so that they could receive the time and attention they needed, since they were so young and without their mom. Sylvia has passed her health test and is current on her shots. She is extremely affectionate and purrs instantly when you pick her up and give her some attention. She does well with children and other cats, and really likes to run around and play.


Sal is a handsome, 14-week-old domestic medium-haired tabby. He and his sisters were found underneath a house on Oct. 27, 2009 when they were tiny babies. Sal is a friendly guy who likes to play with other cats and is great around children. He is neutered, current on his shots and has passed his health tests. Sweet Sal is ready to find his forever home!


Shaylee is a beautiful orange and white domestic shorthair. She was brought in at just two days old on Aug. 21, 2009, along with her mother and three siblings. After a few months passed, she was old enough to have her health tests done and, once she passed those, she was spayed. She is up to date on her vaccinations, and is patiently waiting to find her forever home. She can be a little shy at first, but she really is a sweet, loving girl with an easygoing personality and a huge heart that is ready to give love and feel it in return.


Gunpowder is a 3-month-old medium-haired, neutered male. He was adopted and returned due to allergies. He is spunky and outgoing and will play for hours. He is very sweet and gets along with other cats and children, and even some dogs. He is current on vaccinations and healthy as could be. His gorgeous, black coat will require frequent grooming, but he doesn’t mind being brushed and loved on at all — in fact, he purrs!


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