Storm Drops 4 Feet Of Snow In Tonto Village


Was I the one who said I wanted a white Christmas? Well, I got that and a whole lot more!

Tonto Village was at a standstill for a few days because of the amount of snow that fell. A good guess would be at least 4 feet, and that doesn’t count the rain total which was almost non-stop on Thursday.

I know that the Snyder household was not the only one, but flooding occurred in many of the homes.

My husband was making ditches all around our house to veer the water away from our home. But it got to my back porch and thank goodness, the water came within one-quarter of inch from coming into the house.

Thank goodness for Hellsgate firefighters. They were busy helping people with the flooding including us. Chief Hatch, Chief Blazer, Trina Houdek, Jeff Yungkans and Chad Stluka get a special thank you. They delivered sandbags the very next day and they are still in place. The flooding has not been ruled out in the next few weeks.

Another person who needs a special thank you is Bob Halenar of Qwest. Bob is the son of Chuck and Linda Stailey of Tonto Village II. Bob made special trips to “the bunker” near Kohl’s Ranch to add gasoline to the generator so that we would have phone service. Bob went above and beyond his job to help the people of Tonto Village and Kohl’s Ranch. Thank you, Bob.

Get well

Get well wishes to Pat Watson who has been ill for several weeks. Pat is one of the original residents of the Village, and we all wish her the best and prayers of getting well are being circulated.


There is only one birthday this week. Grace Daniels of Tonto Village III will celebrate her birthday on Jan. 28. Grace is a past officer of the Hellsgate Fireflies Auxiliary, a regular domino player, and an avid quilt maker. Have a wonderful birthday, Grace.

Double D doings

There was only one pool tournament played last week. The nine-ball tournament managed to get enough gals together to have their competition last Tuesday evening in spite of the weather. The winners were: Marie Leonard, first place; Ethel Cain, second place; and Linda Stailey shot for third place. Congratulations to the winners.

Ethel Cain wants to remind all the residents in the area that the Double D will stay open for people who have no means to cook or stay warm during these snowstorms. The kitchen stays workable with propane and there is always a good warm fire in the fireplace if people need a place to go.


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