Facts Needed About Alternative Power Sources



I was pleased to see Jon Kyl’s articles on the excessive amounts of water required for present production of electricity through solar panels. It is time someone said “Wait a minute, let’s get all the facts about alternative power sources before we invest more money that we don’t have.” You have the credibility to get at least some of the gullible to listen, stop, and think. Keep up the good work.

I have a letter from APS saying that my logic is correct, but that most of the rebate ($26,000) is from APS and the federal government. Roughly the same figures that the editor quotes.

I can’t see how this improves the situation. Either an Arizona rate payer (through APS) or a U.S. taxpayer are paying for something that they didn’t order, and they didn’t get. While the purchaser From page 4A

chaser of the solar system is subsidized with their money.

The fact that the Arizona Corporation Commission sprinkles “holy water” on this whole fraud proves nothing. Except, perhaps, that none of them understand basic economics.

It also seems to me that “stimulating a new industry that depends on subsidies” is also fraud.

We should have learned something from the millions of dollars we have put into the sugar and ethanol industries.

Dan Adams


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 6 months ago

Oh, please. Jon Kyl's water position is a red herring meant to excuse his strict adherence to the national party line against a climate and energy bill. How about the golf courses in Arizona that use millions of gallons of water for no reason other than entertainment? Why isn't he as vocal in his opposition to those?


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