Nitrogen Saved Our Lives



In regards to the Friday, June 25 letter from Al Buckner. We drove about 100 miles at 80 miles per hour (about an hour and a half) before stopping to rest. At that point we saw the right front was almost flat (not all the way flat).

We believe the pure nitrogen in our tire saved our lives as it leaked out much slower than oxygen would have as it has larger, fatter, molecules.

We had all five tires filled at Steve’s Delco for $29 not the $429 per tire you state.

I’m sure glad I was driving on my Bridgestone’s filled with nitrogen and not one your balloons.

Oh, and by the way, the nitrogen in our tires increased our gas mileage from 19 mpg to 21 mpg.

Conrad and Beverly Okerwall


Dan Varnes 6 years, 6 months ago

"Larger, fatter molecules?"

Science does not back up that statement. Any puncture in the tire that was described in the letter would be millions of times larger than either a nitrogen or oxygen molecule.

The air that we breathe and the air that is contained in 99% of all automobile tires contains 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.

The claim of better gas mileage is also completely false.

If auto manufacturers could increase their mileage by even 1/4 of that amount, it would be standard for every single vehicle sold in America. Manufacturers spend millions of dollars to increase the gas mileage of their cars for the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (C.A.F.E.) If it were as easy as putting nitrogen in tires, it would have been done for decades.

The Okerwalls sound like nice people, but nice people get duped by phony sales pitches all the time.


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