Where’S The Tea Party?



The Town of Payson, Gila County and the state of Arizona have all raised your taxes lately and not a peep from you guys. The people of Arizona actually voted in a “temporary” tax on themselves! And what about Gila Community College wanting to raise taxes? Is it OK for the “right” party to raise taxes? (By the way, the feds haven’t raised your taxes a dime).

And now our President Obama is nosing around the Gulf region messing with private industry again trying to stop an oil leak. Isn’t this socialism?

Where are you folks? Come on! Get your signs out, get on a street corner and bang a drum!

Debbie Paulk


don evans 6 years, 6 months ago

Dear Ms. Paulk, I suggest Obama stuff himself inside the leaking Gulf Oil pipe. It would show his desire to end the crisis and be easy on the environment. As for the Fed's not raising our taxes, that's because Obama and his elk have put us into a 2 Trillon dollar debt obligation. They can't afford a new tax.


Dan Varnes 6 years, 6 months ago

DId Mrs. Paulk ever attempt to contact any of the members of the Payson Tea Party before writing her letter? Obviously not.

The Payson Tea Party did spend money to fight the last few tax increases. They printed up materials, flyers and sign boards and placed them in strategic locations. They do all of this with their own money. The stats show that anti-tax groups like the Tea Party were outspent by a 100 to 1 ratio.

Mrs. Paulk next shows us that she doesn't know the definition of 'socialism.' The Obama regime is definitely socialist, but they're also equal parts Fascist and Communist.

What's the definition of a Communist? A Socialist in a hurry.

Paulk's attempt at ridiculing the Payson Tea Party group is laughable. They've done a thousand times more to awaken the sleeping citizens than all the smarmy letters that her and her very liberal husband could ever hope to write.


Debbie Button 6 years, 6 months ago

I am glad to see Payson has a Tea Party. Please count me as a member. I would like to say that the Tea Party has no real power other then it's ability to stand up and be counted. The more members that stand with the Tea Party the more their power grows I proudly stand with them. I do not expect the Tea Party to lower my taxes in my city, county or State.I stand with them because they raise the power of my voice. They raise the power of people to stand up to a government that is not of my choosing. They raise the power of all Americans to stop socialist from taking away my freedom. They raise hope for the future of my grandchildren. Most important they renew the spirit of America in our souls. If you can't stand on a street corner and support them thats understandable. You can call your elected representives and give em hell. The first step in getting our country back is to get that gavel out of the hands of Nancy Polosi. When you cast your vote in November ask yourself if it will take her gavel away. If you have a representive that voted for a more then 2000 page bill without reading it, and none of them did ask yourself how much more shabby a representive could be then that. No member of congress has an excuse for that. Not one. Last have you talked to your child and explained the importance of the right to vote. I never did until after 9/11. I kinda went along to get along. Never again my vote matters and the very least I can do for my family is cast it for the right reason and the right person. As a business person I can tell you right now I will not be hiring anyone in the future how can I? It cost a lot of money to have someone on your payroll and no one can tell me what my employee cost will be. This entire administration borders on insanity. President Obama should be impeached and now.


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