In Defense Of The Christopher/Kohl’S Fire Department



In response to the June 25 letter to the editor by Sam Seay about the roads being watered down in Christopher Creek.

First I would like to say that I served on the Christopher/Kohl’s Fire Board for many years and I can tell you that Chief Electra VanEckhoutte was not the first fire chief to water down the roads.

There are really only two main roads in Christopher Creek, Columbine Road and Apple Lane. It just so happens that two of the board members live on Columbine as does the fire chief and the other board member lives on Apple Lane.

The reason our fire chief had the road watered is because in the summer all the ATVs and other recreational vehicles use those two roads for a race course. There are several elderly residents that live on those roads with health issues, and the dust gets out of control. The department was asked if they could help out, and that is exactly what they did and nothing more.

In defense of the fire department, I would like to thank everyone that keeps us safe, especially during the fire season, which, by the way, is upon us. I would also like to thank them for caring about the residents of the district, which, by the way, they always have. I think we have a fine fire department with a lot of dedicated personnel who put the residents of the district first.

So, Mr. Seay for what it’s worth, I would say what they did is not ridiculous, and it is definitely not discriminatory and it is absolutely absurd for you to say it is criminal.

Mikey Marazza


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