Proud Of The Payson Police Department For Arresting Illegal Immigrants Working In Town



The citizens of Payson should be very proud of our police department and Chief Don Engler and his staff for their investigation and arrests of the five Mexican illegals from Del Taco and McDonald’s for using stolen Social Security numbers, that they all admitted to buying in Phoenix.

Apparently, when word got out that they had arrested this many illegals the other illegals in town began leaving their places of employment all over town.

Even though charges have not been brought against Del Taco and McDonald’s management, Chief Engler says the investigation is continuing.

Let’s hope this leads to arrests of managers who hired these illegals and the franchise owners. These managers knew that these people were illegal.

Payson is full of illegals. Not only are they taking jobs that our kids and elderly need but they are collecting food stamps and emptying the food banks that a lot of us donate to. And what is the education of their kids costing the school district?

Almost all of these illegals are on state-funded insurance. No wonder Arizona and California are broke. Who pays for all this? We the people who are legal, hard-working citizens of the United States.

Thank God we have a police department and staff that will investigate and arrest these individuals while other police departments and the sheriff’s office ignore these criminals. That’s right, they are criminals.

Law enforcement officers take an oath to uphold all the laws. That is what Sheriff Joe does and any law enforcement officer who does not is dishonoring the badge.

We are lucky we have a police department that will do that. We cannot depend on our government to protect us from this invasion.

Citizens should not spend a dime with businesses that hire illegals.

File charges on these businesses and owners and the illegals will have no jobs.

Special thanks to the local resident that reported these individuals.

Who is responsible for the 11-18 million illegals in this country? Our government both Democrat and Republican for the last 30 years care more about the vote than enforcing the laws and protecting our borders. Stop this now by voting every politician in Washington out of office both Republican and Democrat and keep doing this until we get their attention.

Join the Payson Tea Party every Thursday at 6 p.m. at Famous Sam’s and let your voices be heard.

Jim Hinton


Dan Varnes 6 years, 6 months ago

Good letter, good comments and good idea about joining the Payson Tea Party.


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 6 months ago

Surprised you all enjoy Famous Sam's so much, considering you can't execute your Second Amendment rights and bring rocket launchers and miniguns in there. I'm boycotting the dump until they kick you and your little KKK-wannabe club out.


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 6 months ago

...That said, I do agree that charges should be filed if it is determined that management knew what was up with these people. The state has empowered itself beyond belief to prosecute those who hire illegals, but I never see them use it. We can't stop illegal immigration until we get the carrot dangled by unscrupulous employers out of their faces.


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