An Incredibly Fun Movie



Think of an action movie starring Tom Cruise. If that does not narrow things down sufficiently, imagine “Bourne Supremacy” from the perspective of a Bond girl, but without the low-cut dresses. Also, consider a movie that will give us yet another reason to avoid air travel where possible. And yet, that doesn’t quite do it either. No, one of the summer’s biggest action films, “Knight and Day,” offers something completely different.

“Knight and Day” begins, as do so many journeys, in an airport. June, an innocent restorer of antique automobiles, unwittingly meets a strange man on the way to her sister’s wedding. Their strange meeting on a flight toward Boston might be accidental on the part of June, but Roy Miller is full of plans.

This ordinary woman is thrown into the middle of international mess. Taken hostage and dragged across the globe, June finds herself strangely attracted to Mr. Miller. When Miller proves to be involved in forces much larger than in-flight turbulence, June decides to become a player in this strange game of “Hot Potato.”

Tom Cruise plays the enigmatic Roy Miller, a secret agent. Miller has been framed and is now on the run from groups of varying legality. From Austria to Spain, he travels with style. Whatever the tabloids might say about Cruise, he is a very effective actor. His performance in “Knight and Day” is as fascinating as it is apparently effortless.

Cameron Diaz, as June, is also a fitting lead. The way she brings her usual light manner to a more serious role is quite unique.

It may look like a “shoot-’em-up,” but “Knight and Day” has something for everyone. It should please the more thrill-thirsty demographic with a number of motorcycle chases, car explosions, and large guns. Others might enjoy the rather witty, continuous dialogue and sharp exchanges by the two leads. Movie buffs are likely to find some excellent one-liners as well.

“Knight and Day” is an incredibly fun movie that combines exciting action and quality acting with a fresh storyline. It has its fair share of stabbings and attacks, but unnecessary gore is omitted. The violence and language make this a PG-13 movie, but “Knight and Day” should be a clean summer option. In a fascinating combination of Tom Cruise, intrigue, and Cameron Diaz, “Knight and Day” is a different kind of action movie that should be enjoyed by both men and women.


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