Fireworks Are Not Necessarily ‘The American Thing To Do’



Due respect to Su Connell, we do not live in the time of John Adams. Our forests are now crowded with homes. Thousands of people come to the cooler mountains just for the joy of nature. Fireworks could be a draw, but it certainly isn’t the thing that holds our community together.

The Fourth of July is one of the most important dates in our history and should be celebrated and enjoyed by family events. However, with “back to back fires” along Highway 87, one fire 36 miles south of Payson, it seems prudent to avoid inviting trouble.

As far as the Fourth being the economic engine of Payson, just how many tourists do you expect will want to come here to view the blackened earth left by a forest fire? Fireworks are not necessarily “the American thing to do” any more than they were the Chinese thing to do when they invented them.

Edward and Sylvia Freeman


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