Panda And A Bunny Call Christopher Creek Home


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

What do China, Arkansas, Los Angeles and a Playboy Bunny have in common? Christopher Creek of course! It’s that time again for another installment of my “better know your neighbor” series. This time I was fortunate enough to have two terrific interviews.

The first person I interviewed is Panda China Stackhouse. She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Arizona when she was 3 years old. She has lived here now for 18 years. When I asked her where she would be if she wasn’t here she said, “I cannot imagine living anywhere else.”

She is a waitress and a bartender at the “world’s greatest restaurant” (The Creekside). Her favorite hobby is landscape photography (guess she is in the right spot). Her favorite thing about this area is that it is quiet, safe and beautiful.

When I asked her about something memorable she cited her deep friendship with the Fitch family because they’ve gone through so much and are part of my family.

The second person I interviewed was Rhea Hoedl. Rhea is originally from Fremont, Ohio. She moved here from Manhattan Beach, Calif. years ago to take care of her parents who were handicapped. At the time, she was acting in L.A. She’s been in the area now for 22 years, but prior to that she lived in Phoenix and was a Playboy Bunny for five years (yowza!).

She loves living here and really enjoys all her four-legged friends like the squirrels and skunks. She also made mention of a beautiful blue herron she saw the other day.

The way Rhea talks about animals you can tell she belongs out here with them in the forest. Her favorite hobby is working in her garden. She likes living here because it is less busy, less chaotic and the people are in her words “wonderful.”

It was hard to get her to decide on just one memorable occasion, but one of them was the Y2K New Year’s. She said it was extra special because everyone dressed up and really enjoyed their time up in the mountains.

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Thanks again for reading the column.


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