Phony $50s Being Passed Around



Just thought the Payson Roundup and its readers would be interested to learn that my local bank gave me a counterfeit $50 dollar bill.

Until about a week ago, I never expected I would need to verify the currency I received at my local bank, but after attempting to make a purchase at Walmart following a withdrawal from my bank, I learned otherwise. I received one fake $50, which was then confiscated by the police costing me a financial loss of $50 (as my bank would not admit responsibility, even though I am a long-term, fiscally responsible customer) not to mention the embarrassment of being confronted in Walmart for unknowingly attempting to pass the fake bill.

I received absolutely no help or compensation from my local bank, causing me to consider my loyalties as a customer.

I wanted to make the public aware that it is imperative to check your large bills even when received directly from a teller’s hand.

Abigail Pederson


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