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A recent article in the Roundup commented on how Bill Konopnicki was collecting campaign funds much more successfully than Sylvia Allen, relative to their campaigns for the Arizona Senate seat currently held by Senator Allen. I hope I am not alone when I say I could not care less about how much money they collect, how many radio, TV, or newspaper ads they buy, or where they get their money, who their best buds are, what church (if any) they go to, etc. I only care about how they vote — whether or not they vote in the best interests of me, my family, my neighbors, and the sovereign state of Arizona. And, that does not mean whether they eagerly take a dollar out of my wallet to put a dime in yours or somebody else’s.

The Goldwater Institute Web site periodically posts voting records for the members of the Arizona Legislature. These records are based on how the legislators voted on bills concerning education, constitutional government, regulation, and tax and budget items. The grades are on an expanded curve that allows “a fuller range of grades and facilitates comparison.” The most recent (11/9/2009, which may be viewed at article/4110) provides the following records for Senator Sylvia Allen and Representative Bill Konopnicki:

Overall: Sylvia Allen – 71 percent / A-; Bill Konopnicki – 49 percent / D+. Putting these scores in context, the average Senate Republican vote is 65 percent / B, and the average Senate Democrat vote is 32 percent / F. The average House Republican vote is 59 percent / C+, and the average House Democrat vote is 35 percent / F. Within the Senate, there are four scoring better than Sen. Allen, 25 worse. Within the House, 34 score better than Mr. Konopnicki, 25 worse. The best argument that Mr. Konopnicki and his supporters might make is that he and Senator Allen are the same distance from the bottom.

Basically, voters have to decide if they want to take a RINO out of the state Legislature and put him in the seat of a current, actual Republican in the state Senate. It is sad that Konopnicki’s RINO voting record in the Legislature had to be timed out by term limits, rather than educated voters. It will be tragic if he carries that pathetic bottom 43 percent voting record into the State Senate in place of a candidate who is already in the top 17 percent

Terry Putnam



Jimi Alexander 6 years, 6 months ago

My opinion: forget both of them. Elect Elaine Bohlmeyer, a homegrown Paysonite who'll bring common sense and good governance to Phoenix.

Sincerely, A Purple-Faced, Bug-Eyed Liberal


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