Tag Fire At 251 Acres


Happy Jack — The Tag Fire, which began on Sunday from lightning, is

currently 251 acres and is being managed by approximately 15 Forest Service

personnel to meet resource objectives.

The fire is located on the Mogollon Rim Ranger District, 4 miles south of

Knoll Lake and 6 miles northwest of Christopher Creek subdivision.

Several reasons for managing a fire for resources objects include:

  • Raising over-story base height to prevent ground fires from

climbing into low-hanging branches and getting into the tree canopy,

causing a dangerous crown fire.

  • Re-introducing natural fire into the ecosystem.

  • Reducing heavy fuel loading to diminish catastrophic wildfire


  • Maintaining and enhancing healthy wildlife habitat.

  • Recycling valuable nutrients back into the soil.

Keeping public and firefighter safety as the number one objective, fire

managers have closed the area around Knoll Lake to all dispersed camping

and hiking. This area includes FR 300/300H junction going east along FR 300

to FR 115, and then north along FR 115.

Camping is only permitted in the designated campground at Knoll Lake.

Unless fire conditions warrant, the lake will remain open for day use only.

The Babe Haught and General Crook trails will be closed to hiking. The

General Crook trail is closed from the Forest Road junction of 300 and 300H

to Forest Road 300 and 115, and the Babe Haught trail is closed from the

Tonto National Forest up to the rim and into Knoll Lake Campground.

Smoke impacts from the fire will be minimal, with some smoke within the

Christopher Creek area in the evening and early morning hours.

Control objectives are to keep the fire from spreading south onto the Tonto

National Forest, out of Knoll Lake Campground, and out of West Leonard


Other objectives include keeping the fire on the east side of Forest Road

300H and south of west Leonard Canyon and main Leonard Canyon junction to

protect the Little Colorado Spinedace.

Yesterday the fire spotted across FR 300, and today fire crews will

continue to prepare control lines around the maximum manageable area of the


The Mogollon Rim Ranger District is also managing another lightning caused

fire, the Plantation Fire along FR 82H, which is 12 acres. Smoke may drift

into Jacks Canyon in the evening, but mainly smoke impacts will be minimal.

For more information regarding these fires, please call the Mogollon Rim

Ranger District Station at 928-477-2255.


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