Penalize Those That Hire Illegals



There are federal laws that go after employers in the U.S. that hire undocumented workers. Obviously this law has not been enforced. If we desire to substantially reduce or eliminate illegals from entering the U.S. then we need to identify and severely penalize those hiring undocumented workers. This can be done by imposing very heavy fines and maybe a bit of jail time for those employers who repeat the offense.

The blame has too often been directed toward those entering the U.S. with the expectation of employment. When they discover they cannot get employment in the U.S. unless they come in legally, they will not attempt to enter illegally.

More effort then can be directed to the drug lords and the illegal drug trade. We again must shoulder much of the blame as we are the market for drugs.

Paul R. Gonnerman


Chief42 6 years, 6 months ago

Mr. Gonnerman, Please be aware that when the US Supreme Court resumes this coming October, one of the items they will hear is a suit brought against the State of Arizona that would penalize employers for knowingly hiring illegal aliens. Hard to say that the problem you point out is not being addressed, when it is. Thank your business community for their suit against this legislation. Now, are you starting to appreciate where much of our battle stems from?


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