Pine Residents Need To Be Patient



As a resident of Pine, I’d like to appeal to my fellow community members and ask them to be patient.

We have some much-needed road work happening in our little community as well as in Strawberry, and it’s creating quite a disruption. Hold on, did I say disruption? What I meant was it’s forcing us to — oh my gosh — wait.

It’s that other four-letter word that many of us seem to have such a hard time doing. Well, it’s either wait a bit now or have deteriorating roads for who knows how many more years.

What’s the big rush anyway? We live in paradise for cryin’ out loud. Or maybe you’re someone just passing through. Either way, take advantage of the opportunity to sit and enjoy the beauty around you or hey, bring that book you’ve been meaning to read. The bottom line is, the work needs to get done, the folks doing the work are working as fast as they can and are being as accommodating to us as possible. Cut ’em some slack, say “thank you,” illustrate our reputation as a “friendly mountain community” and be patient.

Just think how much brighter you can make one these worker’s day just by saying “thank you” even though what you really want to say is: “Geez! How long do I have to WAIT here?!” One gets you an appreciative smile, the other just raises your blood pressure. I’ll go for the smile every time.

Maureen Walsh


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