Replace Traffic Lights With Roundabouts



Hey, all you Payson businessmen, here is a novel idea. Do you realize that if every traffic signal in Payson were replaced with a roundabout, there would be no need for an expensive bypass?

Yes, according to ADOT, roundabout intersections increase traffic flow by at least 40 percent. In addition, roundabouts result in fewer intersection accidents and the accidents that do occur are less severe.

So, there you have it, a win-win situation for everyone. No expensive bypass through the national forest and, in addition, all that summer and holiday traffic still passes through Payson without the traffic jams. Oak Creek did it and so can we.

To answer question No. 1: yes, there are roundabouts that have been designed to handle even the traffic load of the 87 / 260 intersection. And, if you think that crosswalks are a problem, just check out the Oak Creek solution.

Now some say that we are just not up to handling the complexity of multiple roundabouts. To that I say, “balderdash.” If others are smart enough to figure it out, I think that we can too.

John Zilisch


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