Sensible Choice For U.S. Senate



My wife and I hosted a meet and greet at our home last night to introduce Jim Deakin who is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by John McCain. The majority of people in Arizona are upset at the politics as usual and have asked if there is an alternate choice.

The answer is yes, and Jim Deakin made that choice even more visible during his question and answer interaction with a group of 40 Payson citizens. Jim spoke on many topics and made his positions clear on all questions.

Jim stated that the television ads by John McCain and JD Hayworth calling one another: weak on immigration — big spender — controlled by lobbyists — shameful display of character — huckster — are correct for both of them.

Thank you Jim Deakin for allowing a few of us here in Payson to see that there is a sensible choice for the U.S. Senate. I recommend that the people of Payson look at the alternative at Jim

Jim Muhr


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 6 months ago

Deakin's as much a spoiler as it gets. The only person he'll take votes from is JD Hayworth, and the teabag people are the ones on the right who want sorely to retire John McCain. If he gets more than 15% of the vote, McCain wins the primary in a walk.

I'm casting my vote for Rodney Glassman in November.


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