Summer Heat Presents Challenges


As another summer settles into its “dog days,” we here at HSCAZ have settled into the dog days of summer, too. Yes, it’s stifling hot and it’s a constant battle to keep things clean enough to stay ahead of the flies. But hats off to the awesome staff and volunteers; they are doing a great job.

The kittens have been arriving by the boxful — they are so darling. Most are old enough to survive here in this shelter environment, but a couple of litters have required fostering. As a foster parent, you give the tiny babies a chance to get old enough to eat solid food and have a health check. It’s important as a foster that you have the appropriate place for your babies. They need to be isolated from the other animals in your home until they are old enough to be given their shots, as their little immune systems are very delicate.

Fostering can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Just knowing that, without you, these little guys might not have survived, can make one feel almost heroic.

This summer has also brought in many adult animals. We have actually had more adult small dogs than ever before. We have a companion for just about any qualified adopter interested in adding a furry member to their family. So come down to 812 S. McLane Road, give us a call or look us up on the web at

Well it’s soon going to be time to draw for the slot machine! It has been moved once again and can be seen over at our pals at Bootleg Alley art and antique shop. If you’ve always wanted a slot machine of your own, here is your opportunity, the tickets are $5 apiece or 6 for $20. The drawing is Aug. 15, so get your tickets now.

But most importantly, we need to remind everyone to please spay and neuter your animals. This is truly the only way we will ever get on top of the issue of unwanted animals. If you know someone who needs some help with their animals, give us a call at (928) 474-5590.




Cleo is a 1-year-old beautiful calico who was just dropped off in front of the shelter. With no history on her, we set her up in a kennel and waited to see if anyone would come looking for her. She passed her health tests, received shots and has been spayed. She is getting used to socializing with other cats, and is slowly coming around. She is very sweet and loves to be petted.




Bootie is a 3-year-old domestic longhaired beauty. She was turned over by her owners who took her in when they found her roaming around their house. They ran her through the feral cat program so that she would be spayed and she is also current on her shots. Bootie is an easygoing girl who enjoys your attention. She loves to be loved on, and will make herself comfy wherever you will allow her to. She does OK with other animals and has passed her health tests as well.




Prince is a 1-1/2-year-old hound mix. He was originally brought in as a stray a few months ago, and was quickly adopted out after he had been neutered and brought up to date on his shots. He was recently returned due to his owner’s health. Prince learned a lot of things while he was in a home. He learned how to walk on a leash and is completely housebroken. He is great with kids, cats and other dogs as well. He even knows a few basic commands, and he really enjoys your company.




Foxy is a 7-month-old Shepherd mix. She was turned over by her owners because they could no longer afford to care for her. She has lived her life as an outside dog, but would really love to be a part of a family that will spend time with her and give her lots of TLC. She is leash trained and likes to ride in the car. She will need help with potty training, simply because she has never been allowed inside. She is a very smart girl with a lot of playful energy. She has been around children and dogs of all sizes and she is very friendly. She has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccinations.




Goofy is a 7-month-old black and tan hound mix. He was brought in as a stray by a police officer from Whispering Pines. He is a sweet boy with a typical hound dog bay. He is very friendly and gets along with everyone. He is walking well on a leash and is neutered and up to date on his shots. Goofy may need some help with some basic training, but nothing too hard. Goofy is a sweet boy who would make a great addition to an active family that enjoys the outdoors.




Derby is a 1-year-old pit mix. He was turned over by his owner, along with his brother, in March 2010 due to financial issues. Derby has been around other dogs and children his entire life and is very outgoing and friendly. He does need some help with potty training, and has learned to walk on a leash like a gentleman. Like all of our adoptable animals, he has been neutered and is current on his vaccinations. Derby will make a great addition to an active, loving family that he can call his own for the rest of his life.


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