Thanks To Gila County Maintenance



Sometimes people listen. Even less frequently, people act.

This letter of thanks goes to Gila County Maintenance Supervisor David Buffington and our County Supervisor, Tommie Cline Martin for taking action on the light pollution issue in Rim Country.

Mr. Buffington has installed shades on the floodlights at the Gila County Maintenance Yard in Star Valley that have reduced the direct light pollution from this source by at least half. On behalf of all those in Payson and Star Valley with a Mogollon Rim view that have suffered with this light pollution source for years, I’m glad to say “Thanks.”

It’s too bad that it took over a year and a letter published in the Payson Roundup to finally accomplish this task, but the result of their effort is in plain view.

Unfortunately, this solution doesn’t resolve Gila County’s contribution to the light pollution issue completely and won’t reduce electricity usage. However, we all know that when we’re dealing with a governmental agency, half a loaf is better than no loaf at all.

So again, to David and Tommie — “Thanks.”

Larry Brophy


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