Common Sense Or Simple Logic?



The subject: common sense or if you prefer simple logic. The first time that I held onto a burning match too long I acquired some common sense. It is something that we are not born with but rather something that we have to learn. It seems that some of us never learn.

With all the talk about SB1070 it seems that the majority of Americans agree that something needs to be done by the government about illegal immigrants. I have also heard through the media that there is talk about voting out the incumbent politicians because they aren’t doing anything about anything.

In his speech about immigration, our president said that an election year is not a good time to legislate immigration reform.

Considering the two basic statements I would think that any politician with a smattering of common sense would say, “We better do something if we want to be re-elected.” It seems that some of us never learn. Don’t forget to vote.

K.A. Richter Sr.


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