Thanks To Ps Water District Board



As longtime residents of both Pine and Strawberry, we have witnessed and endured the often-uneasy transition of control and management of our water system from Brooke Utilities/Mr. Robert Hardcastle to our present elected board.

The July 4th weekend “Tank Level Report” from the board to the residents of our two communities, which details the volume of water used and the recovery rate of the system, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we had been mislead, if not knowingly deceived, by Brooke Utilities’ management on matters of usage, leakage and need for repair of our system.

The new board’s commitment to investigating the health of the system, finding and repairing leaks and other transmission problems has required not only the board members’ willingness to make tough decisions but also the ongoing efforts and dedication of Dean Shaffer and his crew.

These people have worked hard, often without recognition and the praise they deserve. They have endured criticism with dignity and grace and have not wavered in their commitment to all of us who make these communities our home. It is high time that high praise and full credit for a job well done be given to our board, Dean Shaffer and his crew. We cannot thank you enough!

The Hall Family

Pine, Arizona


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