Made My Blood Boil



I couldn’t help but get my blood to boiling when I read the letter from Richard K. Meszar bashing Governor Brewer. I see Mr. Meszar has joined the ranks of all the rest of the know-it-alls in this country, and around the world.

Mr. Meszar needs to sit down at a computer and type into the search engine “California Penal Code 845B” and read what it says about peace officers and illegal immigrants. And you might want to forward a copy to your beloved President Obama.

When the two of you get through wiping the egg off of your faces, you might want to write a letter of apology to Gov. Brewer and the good citizens of Arizona and the rest of the country that stand behind her. And when President Obama loses his lawsuit against Arizona, he might want to file suit against California and Missouri because they have the same law, or very similar to it.

Would I vote for Gov. Brewer? You bet I would, in a heartbeat. At least she has the courage to stand up to a president who refuses to enforce our immigration laws. At least three presidents before him did what they needed to do when we were being overrun with illegal immigrants and had them all deported. Do you think for one second, that we would be getting the troops, ICE officers, and money for border security, if she hadn’t stood up to them?

Jan Brewer is fighting for Arizona’s survival. As a resident of Arizona, I suggest you leave that fantasy world that you live in and help support the fight.

Anthony Daura


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