Pswid Board Needs To Do Due Diligence



The PSWID board needs to follow the suggestions made in your June 4 editorial. In particular, “It’s about providing the community with the water it needs at the best possible cost.” Further on it is written, “That’s why the board must hire objective professional management and then stick to making policy. That’s why the district should rely on proper appraisals and objective data” I could not agree more. The resignations of key professionals, Tetra Tech and Highland Water Resources is as indicated by chairman Mr. Haney, a low point for the district.

Given the improvements made to the PSWID system, the wet winter and as I look out the window the amount of rain we are having, why is Mr. Greer and a couple of other board members in such a rush to buy Mr. Pugel and Mr. Randall’s Milk Ranch Well?

Mr. Haney, Mr. Calderon and Mr. Greer come up for re-election this November should they decide to run again. Mr. Greer is the board member who has been pushing the hardest to buy Milk Ranch Well and he is the board member who read into record the scathing attacks on Mr. Haney, Mr. Jones, Tetra Tech, Highland Water Resources and others.

We had a recall of four members of the previous PSWID board, petitioned by “Pine Strawberry Citizens for the prohibition of providing tax dollars to a privately held water monopoly.” Mrs. Greer was the treasurer. Per the last public disclosure we have, the taxpayers of PSWID spent $114,000, more by now, trying to improve Milk Ranch Well. It is a matter of record that the well continues to have problems.

So I’m asking what happened to the prohibition of tax dollars being spent on a private well so adamantly opposed to previously by Mr. Greer and his associates of the Rim Country Water group?

Board member Don Smith, at a recent meeting, correctly chose to recuse himself from voting to hire attorney David Davis as Mr. Davis is a patient of Mr. Smith’s. Mrs. Greer works for Mr. Pugel, so should Mr. Greer also recuse himself from voting on the Milk Ranch Well? It probably is legal for him to vote, but I ask myself is it ethical?

In a PSWID meeting Mr. Calderon tried to get the board to use a certain real estate broker per the request of Mr. Pugel, to complete an evaluation of Milk Ranch Well. Tetra Tech had almost completed their evaluation, why not apologize and let them finish? As you suggested “get two or three independent appraisals of the well from people familiar with Arizona wells,” the Tetra Tech appraisal should be thrown into the mix.

Due diligence needs to be followed by the PSWID board. They should be vigilant against letting flawed attitudes impact their own processes. An efficient due diligence process can save them from making costly mistakes that may have profound consequences for the PSWID board and taxpayers, I hope they are listening.

Pam Mason


None 6 years, 5 months ago

I agree with Pam. Due diligence is required and has certainly been absent since the current board was elected.

A few developers from the area are having an unproporational (as compared to the other business owners and residents) amount of influence on the actions of the current board. I believe that the best interest of the residents and business owners alike are not being considered. But instead, that our current board is biased by some local businessmen.

What we need in Pine and Strawberry is an unbiased, objective leadership group to represent the community. It is up to the residents to take action at the next election and force a change.


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