Man Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Hospital Staff


A 23-year-old Payson man was arrested after reportedly assaulting two nurses and a doctor as well as frightening several patients at Payson Regional Medical Center, the police said.

William Henry Creighton Jr., of South Ponderosa Street, was arrested on charges of three counts of assault on a health care provider and two counts of disorderly conduct during a July 14 incident in the hospital’s emergency room.

According to police, Creighton arrived at the hospital complaining that he was not feeling well, but he did not know why.

“William stated to me numerous times that he keeps going to the ER for evaluation, who advises him they do not see anything wrong with him and then refers him to his primary care physician who additionally finds nothing, then refers him back to the ER,” said Patrol Sgt. Joni Varga.

This process, his treatment and the wait frustrated him, Creighton said.

Creighton told Varga that after he arrived at the hospital, doctors looked him over and an IV was ordered. However, after learning the doctors could do nothing for him, Creighton grew aggravated and wanted to leave.

Witnesses told Varga that Creighton yelled obscenities, made threats toward staff and ripped an IV from his arm, flinging IV fluid onto the floor.

One nurse said she thought Creighton was going to punch her when she tried to remove his IV.

When Creighton attempted to leave his room, a doctor tried to stop him.

With a doctor blocking his path, Creighton stood on a chair to reportedly get past the doctor. Witnesses said Creighton verbally and physically threatened the doctor while on the chair. At some point, the doctor grabbed Creighton by the shirt and pushed him back into the room and up against a wall.

Creighton told Varga he started punching the doctor in the head and face, to “defend himself.” At this point, two nurses along with the doctor tackled Creighton to the ground.

Creighton told Varga that while he had used vulgar language, he did not stand on the chair to be threatening, but to see over the doctor to his mother.

Varga reported that the doctor had redness and swelling on the right side of his face underneath his eye and a bite mark on his stomach.

A 20-year-old patient and her mother in the room next to Creighton said they left their room and were escorted to the lobby because they were scared of Creighton’s behavior.

Creighton’s mother, Darla Creighton, told Varga that while her son has problems and has not been on his medication, the hospital staff had no right to tackle him.

Creighton was arrested and booked into the Gila County Jail.


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