Time Is Running Out



A few days ago I receive a large mailing from the Citizens Clean Elections Committee. It contains statewide and legislation candidates statements, two sets of same, one in English and one in another language.

A few years ago Arizonans voted and elected to be an “English only” speaking state. Has this law been rescinded? Why is this voting information being sent out in any language other than English? If a person can’t read English, will someone please explain to me why that person should be allowed to vote. There’s something very wrong here, folks.

The USA is the greatest country in the world and the biggest reason for this is that we spoke one language, we understood each other, we stood together and were whole.

Now there is a fracture in our country, a fracture caused by the silent acceptance on the part of our citizens of materials, such as this voting information mailing written in a language other than English.

Is it too late to twine back the rising tide that is being allowed to flow freely over our country? Or is there someone or some forceful group strong enough and determined to stand up and say “enough is enough” and to stop this tsunami before our country is completely consumed by it? Time is running out.

Flo Nilsen


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