We Don’T Want An Apology



No, I do not want anyone to have to come forth. What I do want is in your heart and mind in the privacy of your home, to admit the error to put an anti-American man with absolutely no life experience, in the office of the president of the United States.

Oh dear, you are not ready to say that this man is taking our country apart bit by bit. What to elect a man who went from school to teaching to promoting “social justice” with ACORN and the SCIU?

We can turn our country around, but it will take a dedicated, knowledgeable electorate to accomplish it. It is so important to elect men who love this country, know what a budget is, want to cut our expenditures and believe in our Constitution.

Know your candidate — Example: John McCain has many fine men endorsing him. However, McCain is a dyed in the wool amnesty advocate. Check out his voting record. It’s completely contrary to what he has been telling us during his campaign. His one vote could tip the count and make amnesty the rule of the land.

Judy Oconnell


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