Mccain Favors Bigger Government



It did not take John McCain long after passage of the Obamacare disaster to make clear to his compatriots across the aisle his continued steadfastness to their common goal of ever bigger government. On Feb. 4, he introduced his S.3002 — Dietary Supplement Safety Act, which will put the supplements industry under control of the FDA.

Hardly any point in having government control of life and death via our medical care if we just go to our supplements store and purchase what we choose to stay healthy, and, thus, out of the clutches of the government-mismanaged health care industry.

Of course, the federal organization that has eradicated E. coli in meat and imported produce, and provided us with totally safe pharmaceuticals promptly after development and at reasonable prices will do every bit as well with supplements.

Nothing like removal of everything that works, and prescriptions required for what’s left in the supplements market. Does McCain presume anyone stupid enough to vote for him is too stupid to make their own supplements choices?

I especially enjoy McCain’s TV commercials on border control — that “dang fence.” While he has been trying to help implement his approach to border security (yet another blanket amnesty bill composed by him and his kindred spirit in “conservatism,” the late Ted Kennedy, in 2007) during his 28 years in Congress, all he keeps hearing from his constituents is, “build the fence.” Won’t they ever shut up about that “dang fence?”

Interesting side-notes re McCain:

(1) When WSBTV Channel 2 in Atlanta, Ga., wanted input on the Arizona border problem for their special on illegal aliens, the politician they chose to talk to was J.D. Hayworth, not John McCain.

(2) In the letter sent out by Texas’ 100 percent Constitutional voting record Congressman Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty requesting financial support for their battle against the Crap and Tax (oops, sorry) Cap and Trade debacle, they decry the movement of that bill through Congress, “with select weak-kneed Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain looking to make deals to pass this key plank in the radical globalist agenda.”

Since 1982, John McCain has been in the U.S. Congress: Four years in the House, 24 years in the Senate. Would one of his supporters for yet another term please explain to me why we should expect him to accomplish something Constitutional or supportive of border security with six more years?

Terry Putnam



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