Bad Start Can Still Have Happy Ending


Hi, my name is Aimes. I live here at the Humane Society of Central Arizona. They say I’m a hound mix of some sort. I’m kind of a new guy here, but some of the others have been here for quite a while. There are dogs and cats both. I only see the dogs, though, and the cats that sit in the window of the main house.

I came here from a house that belonged to a man who was trying to help save animals. So he would go to the shelter in Springerville and bring dogs homes pretty often. The only thing wrong with his plan was that after a while, he had no place to put us. So he began to put us all in little kennels all over his property. Then there were so many of us that he couldn’t afford to feed us and didn’t have time either. He wound up in the hospital and we were all up a creek, or so it seemed.

Then along came a nice young couple of folks who began to find places for us to live. There were so many of us that they had to look all over the state. I was the lucky one. I came here to HSCAZ in Payson. My best friend’s name is Hoppy. He, too, came from a home where there were so many dogs they couldn’t care for them. Every day, Hoppy and I go out into the yard next to the building and we play all day and watch the people come and go from the shelter. At night, we go to our separate kennels where we get to eat supper and sleep on a soft bed.

There are so many good things about living here, like the nice people who come in every day and feed us and clean our play yard and kennels, and the dog walkers who put us on leashes and take us out for long, fun walks. But really all of us who live here have one true dream — and that’s to find a forever, loving home — a home of our own with a family who loves us and lets us stay there always.

We animals here at the HSACZ are believers. Even though we’ve kind of had bad luck, we believe that someday all of our dreams will come true.

If you would like to meet Aimes or any of the wonderful animals who call the shelter their temporary home, or if you would like to become one of the wonderful volunteers or donors who make saving their lives possible, please come to 812 S. McLane Road. Mail your check to HSCAZ, P.O. Box 242, Payson, AZ 85547 or visit us online at humanesociety

Did you know that June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month? Here are just a few of the great cats and kittens available for adoption at the shelter.




Alaina is a gorgeous, 2-year-old spayed female. She was brought in as a stray in February, along with two tiny babies. She spent a few months in foster and is now here at the shelter, ready for adoption. We did fix her and she is current on her vaccinations and has passed her health tests. She is a very affectionate girl who can be a little shy at times.




Cashmere is a gorgeous, 1-year-old medium-haired tabby. She has amazing, golden eyes and a sweet temperament as well. She was turned over by her owners because they felt they did not have enough time for her. She does OK with other cats and dogs and may do best in an easygoing household where she can lounge around and bask in the sun. She is spayed and current on her shots and has also passed her 8-point health inspection.




Clara is a 2-year-old beauty. She was brought in on 08-21-09 by animal control, along with her four babies who were only 2 days old. Clara is a sweet girl, who can be a little shy at times. She may do best in a quieter household. She is spayed, current on her shots and ready to find her forever home. She enjoys laying in the window and getting some well deserved TLC.




Felicity is a 3-year-old Calico beauty. She has long hair that will require frequent grooming to maintain a soft, shiny coat. Felicity was brought in to us on 1-30-10 because her owner died. She does seem to be a little sad and she keeps to herself for the most part. Felicity is a kind, sweet girl who likes to do her own thing and is very easygoing. She is spayed, has received all of her shots and has passed her health tests. Felicity gets along OK with other cats, but will do best in a home without younger kids and active dogs. Felicity was recently adopted and returned because the other cats in the home did not like her. She is now front declawed and available for adoption.




Oscar is an 8-month-old domestic shorthair who was turned over by his owner, simply because she didn’t want him anymore. He was previously neutered and is now current on his shots. He has passed his health tests and is ready to be adopted. He is a sweet boy who gets along well with other cats, but does not like dogs. He is playful, good with children and will fit in great with an affectionate family.




Baby is a 3-year-old tabby cat. She is spayed, current on shots and has passed her health tests. Baby was turned over by her owner in February due to personal issues. She is a sweet girl who is active and playful. She gets along with other cats and will make a great addition to a loving family. She loves to play with toys and paper towels, and she has a bubbly, outgoing personality. She is litter box trained and is neat and clean.

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