Obama: Mr. Cap And Trade



It’s been said that our glorious leader and several others like the Clintons, Valerie Jarrett and Al Gore have put together some several millions to form the CCX in good ol’ Chicago, CCX stands for Chicago Climate Exchange, which will deal in the trading, selling and buying of cap credits.

No wonder our glorious leader and his Chicago comrades are so eager to get this cap and trade (tax) and energy bill passed through Congress. They have their fortunes invested in this scam and swindle of the public.

Does this appear to be a conflict of interest to you? Chicago appears to be the proper location for this worldwide cap and trade scam. It fits our glorious leader’s talents of a Chicago community organizer in forming the CCX. Big question, why has the liberal press (Media News) covered up this story? It’s so obvious.

Ed Welge


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 7 months ago

Do you have sources for this? Or are you spewing more bullsh!t than a manure factory? I'm guessing the latter.

Forget cap and trade. I want to see rock-solid caps on carbon output.


Jim French 6 years, 7 months ago

Hurt not the oil or the wine. Carbon dioxide will not bring about our demise, however it sure helps Mr. Gore pay for his lonely mansion. His money cannot prevent his aging problem, he should consider the hereafter as more important than a jaccuzi and a nightcap and trade. His carbon footprint is landing on your childrens backs, perilous times shall come, watch and pray !


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