Pine Strawberry Fire Board Made A Good Decision



I want to thank the Pine Strawberry Fire Board for not wasting our tax money paying for two fire chiefs for two months. Whatever the personal problems are between the chief and some people involved with, and formally involved with, the fire department they are not good enough reasons to spend an extra two months of chief-level pay. In addition doing this would disrupt the current officer structure so an interim chief could be appointed, from the current officers, to serve just two months.

The Pine Strawberry Fire Department is a business supported by tax dollars.

I believe that it should be run as a business by the fire board. We have seen many letters in the Roundup from people with personal problems with department members and the chief. Personal conflict should never influence business decisions of the fire department. Fortunately the fire board acted as responsible fiduciaries and made a business-based decision.

Teel D. McClanahan



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