Pswid Board Needs To Start Answering Questions



I have attended PSWID board meetings for close to 10 years. It wasn’t until May 26, that I witnessed a board member completely out of order with unfounded accusations against fellow board members and district employees.

The statement read by Michael Greer accusing Mr. Haney, Mr. Jones, Mr. Ploughe and Mr. Henry of Tetra Tech of spreading rumors and working against the Milk Ranch Well is ludicrous. The unsubstantiated, false accusations constitutes behavior unbecoming of a PSWID board member.

While, I have not always agreed with all of the actions of these gentlemen, the public record clearly demonstrates that the gentlemen Michael Greer attacked have acted in good faith. I doubt that they would do anything to deliberately derail the PSWID.

Rather than pointing fingers, board members should answer the following questions:

(1) Why did six of the seven board members vote to purchase the Milk Ranch Well before they had all of the information on the well?

(2) Why was the well pumped counter to the instructions of the district hydrologist?

(3) In what open meeting did PSWID vote to act against the instructions of their hydrologist?

(4) What justified the vote to purchase the Milk Ranch Well for $400,000 when it was appraised for $179,000?

(5) Was the land that was included with the Milk Ranch Well appraised and what was the appraisal?

The tax-paying public deserves answers to these and many more questions. PSWID board members clean up your act — stop making unsubstantiated accusations and start answering questions.

Bernice E. Winandy



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