Struggle Is Not Over Yet



Thank you for the well written article by Pete Aleshire about the Payson Airport zone change “struggle” nearing its end.

May I say, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Just because none of the Sherwood Drive homeowners who had previously protested the proposal came to the recent town council meeting to discuss the zone change request, doesn’t mean the sleeping lions won’t show up later.

Take a walk down Sherwood Drive and try Wagon Trail too if you’re ready for neat homes, blue skies, clear, sweet air, and peace and quiet.

These are people who care about Payson. Extend both streets through the Airport Road? Whatever for? Noise and car pollution and more traffic? Give us a break!

C. Casey,

Member of Trailwood Homeowners Association


Chief42 6 years, 7 months ago

Mr. Casey, When I first went to Orange County California as a young Marine in the early 60's, Orange County airport was much like Payson's airport today. The Santa Ana city bus service didn't even extend to it, one had to walk the last couple of miles to get to the airport. Due to the same creeping growth that is subtly occurring right here in our area, you only need to visit Orange County now to see what is coming to this area. Hang on! It's going to be a bumpy ride.


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