Treating Each Other With Class



On Wednesday night, June 2, in Detroit, Mich., a Detroit Tigers’ pitcher threw a perfect game, history. Rare baseball history. Except the first base ump blew what should have been the final call and ruined the perfect game.

Did the manager, Jim Leyland, throw a fit and kick dirt? No.

Did the pitcher, Armando Galarraga, scream or bump the ump and get kicked out of the game? No.

If ever there was a time to totally blow one’s cool, this was it. But there was not only a perfect game last night, but perfect class in how the blown call was handled.

The ump, Jim Joyce, viewed a replay and tearfully admitted, “I blew the call.” Galarraga embraced Joyce and said, “It’s harder for him than it is for me.” Manager Leyland said, “When Jim Joyce takes the field tomorrow, let’s give him an ovation. He’s one of the best.”

More important than a perfect game is the example of how people treated each other that night on a baseball field in Detroit. Perfectly.

Rodney Ross


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