Great Outdoors Month In Arizona



Governor Brewer has pronounced June as Great Outdoors Month in Arizona. This is a great time to get out and try catching a trout. It is also a chance to renew our commitment to protecting our cold water streams and fish for the next generation to enjoy.

Diversions, damming and increasing demand for water are fragmenting wildlife habitat in the Colorado River basin and depleting and degrading streams. Fortunately, we can do something about it. For instance, Trout Unlimited chapters in Arizona work alongside the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the Forest Service and other fishing and wildlife organization to conserve and protect streams. We also work to restore our state’s two native trout, the Apache and Gila.

Continued federal-state and multi-stakeholder collaboration can help to identify and enact effective strategies for sustaining our limited water supply. Working together, we can conserve Arizona’s trout streams, and our way of life. We hope everyone enjoys our beautiful outdoors this month.

Bob Youtz, vice chairman,

Trout Unlimited Arizona Council


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