Coy Has Been Waiting More Than A Year For A Home




My name is Coy. I came to Humane Society of Central Arizona in January of 2009. I was just a small pup at the time. The family that I lived with said they didn’t have the time to care for me, so they kept me on a chain in the back yard. I was very lonely and bored. I would daydream of running and chasing a ball.

So they brought me here and I’ve been here pretty much ever since. I did spend some time with a foster Dad who taught me some really great things like how to fetch and sit and stuff. He would also take me on adventures in the woods. The kind where I could run, run and run. But then he had to bring me back.

I was adopted by another young family, but they didn’t have the time to spend with me to help me learn to be a good inside dog, so they brought me back to the shelter.

Everyone here says I’m one of the best dogs because they can take me out to the big field out back and I don’t even need a leash. I want everyone to be happy, so I always listen and come when they call my name.

My favorite things to do are going on long walks or even runs, and to play fetch with a tennis ball. My shelter family has a “chuckit” that they help me play ball with. I run full blast to get it for them and bring it straight back; everyone laughs at the way I run full speed. My next favorite thing is the dog yard. That’s where we get to go out and spend most of the day playing with our friends. We wrestle and play in the pool. I love pools! I love the snow, too. Snow is so fun!

I’m very happy here because everyone loves me so much, but I really want a home of my own with kids or someone who has lots of room for me to run and be silly. Or a family that would let me go jogging every day and long walks in the forest. I don’t want to get lost though, ooooh that would be scary.

I’ll admit I do have a few issues, so they say. But if someone would just love me enough and stick with me long enough, I know I could make them very happy. I’m willing to try my hardest. Are you?

Oh yeah! And all of us critters (and people, too) here at HSCAZ want to send a big thank-you out to Kileigh Setzler. For her 10th birthday, she had a big party, but instead of looking forward to all the gifts she would get, she asked all her friends and family to bring gifts for the animals at the shelter. Kileigh not only showed up with a huge pile of food, toys and supplies, she also collected $270! And, yes, there are tennis balls and a brand new “chuckit” for me! What a cool thing to do, Kileigh! You’re AWESOME!

Please help me find a new family. I’ve waited a super long, long time and I’m ready.


Kileigh Setzler recently celebrated her 10th birthday, but instead of accepting gifts for herself, she asked her friends and family to bring gifts for the animals at the HSCAZ shelter. In addition, she collected $267 in donations for the animals. Kileigh is pictured holding Buddy Chi, just one of our adoptable pets.

More about Coy

Coy is a 2-year-old Heeler mix who has turned out to be a favorite among staff and volunteers. He knows basic commands and can be let off-leash to play ball in the field out back. Though he can be hyper in his kennel, he is well behaved when he goes for walks or is in the play yard. He has been neutered and is current on his shots. Whoever adopts this handsome, delightful, young man, will also be given the beautiful portrait that was painted of him by one of our longtime, dedicated volunteers. Please come down and spend some time with Coy, we’re sure you’ll fall in love.

The HSCAZ shelter is located at 812 S. McLane Road, just south of Main Street.


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