Nitrogen Has Safety Benefits For Tires



After reading DJ Craig’s article in last Friday’s Roundup, I wanted to pass on our experience with our nitrogen-filled tires. Beverly and I were returning from San Antonio, Texas along Interstate 10 which, many of you know, has an 80 mph speed limit.

Unfortunately, we ran over a rake in the road that put a small puncture in one of our tires. Because of the high wind that was rocking the car, we were unaware that we were losing pressure and, drove another 100 miles before stopping. At that point we discovered that the tire was virtually flat.

However, even running this low on pressure, the tire did not overheat and blow out. We credit the nitrogen fill with slowing down the pressure loss and saving our lives or, at the very least, preventing a very serious accident.

We purchased the nitrogen fill for our tires to save fuel costs and never even considered that the safety benefits would be so dramatic.

Conrad and Beverly Okerwall


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