Students Do Work Hard



I am a student at Payson High School and I am entering into my junior year. This recession has placed pressure on students, and we fear the loss of AP classes that give us an advantage in this competitive job market. And yet I hear people say that they do not want to support our schools because their children have already graduated or they have none.

It is my opinion that because someone had to pay for their education, they have a responsibility to support us.

I have also heard that my generation does not work as hard as others. I strongly disagree. For example, I recently attended the HOBY Leadership Camp in Flagstaff. One sophomore from each high school in Arizona was chosen to attend.

The passion and work ethic of every student attending is something that I have never seen before. I met students who had a job, took college classes, and volunteered hundreds of hours for their community. Even at Payson High School I know students who are overloading the schedule with difficult classes and large amounts of extra curricular activities. Just because there are some of us that do not work so hard, does not mean that we are all lazy; all teenagers should not be judged for the acts of a few.

And so I issue the Payson area a challenge: support your youth. We are the future and without a good education, we cannot compete in a global work force.

Tyler Aguirre


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