Titanic And Obamacare



It was way too cold, near bedtime and no one really thought the ship was sinking. Many refused to board the lifeboats so the first ones to to load had one-third to one-half their seats vacant.

One hour later the survivors in their seats had to listen to the screams of the people in the water. When the cries for help finally died out not one of the boats with empty seats saved even one person in the water.

Too risky they thought. What if too many try to climb on?

Obamacare would extend insurance benefits to quite a number of people.

Many cry for repeal fearing the country can’t afford to add to the deficit and we might suffer the same fate as Greece and the rest of the PIGS.

Government employees, Congress and Medicare recipients have much of their medical bills paid for by the government already. Are they so different from the people in the lifeboats? Would they tolerate losing their seat to help balance the budget?

Phon Sutton


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 7 months ago

The analogy is interesting, but I'm not entirely sure it makes sense.

For one, the people in the lifeboats weren't acting selfishly. They were legitimately afraid that the force of the massive Titanic falling into the ocean would suck the tiny lifeboats into a riptide with enough force to capsize or sink them. They can be forgiven for obeying their instinct of self-preservation and trying to get as far away from the sinking vessel as possible.

The other thing is, are you really advocating for the abolition of Medicare? I can understand populist anger regarding the luxurious health benefits heaped upon our federal elected officials, but taking Medicare away would be a betrayal of our basic duty as humans to care for those least able to care for themselves, most notably, those in the twilight of life.


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